1. Myth: It is safer to snort or smoke heroin rather than inject it

   Fact: No matter how heroin is done it still has the same addictive and negative effects.


2. Myth: Brown heroin is safer

   Fact: Brown heroin is brown because of all the additives and chemicals added to it, white heroin is more "pure"


3. Myth: Heroin users are older adults

   Fact: a large amount of heroin users used to be over 30 but now the average age of users is 21


4. Myth: Addiction to heroin is instantaneous

   Fact: Depending on the addictive characteristics of the user and the amount of the first use is how quick the user will become addicted


5. Myth: The high will always be the same

   Fact: The first high is always the best, then the next highs aren't as good making the user start "chasing the dragon" an effect that is started by trying to get the  first high again by using more heroin in one use which usually causes over dose

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