Short term effects:

Short term effects happen shortly after a single use. After injection users feel a surge or a rush, they also feel a warm fleshy feeling in their skin and start to get a dry mouth. After the first rush the user enters a "nod", in which they start to get sleepy. The users brain becomes clouded because of the depression of the central nervous system. The user will have slowed speech, slow walk, small pupils, droopy eyelids and they will vomit and be constipated.

Long term effects:

Long term effects can collapse veins, especially for long time users. Users can get infection of heart lining and valves, they can also get liver diseases. Long time users can also recieve several types of pneumonia and smoking heroin is extremely bad for respiration. Street heroin can have additives that don't dissolve and clog blood vessels that lead to the lungs, liver, brain and kidneys, this causes infection and death of small particles in important organs. Tolerance to heroin develops making the user take more drugs to get the same high as the first time which causes "chasing the dragon". Heroin users develop an extreme addiction and dependency on heroin. Users also tend to start to get an unappealing appearance.

                                                            BEFORE HEROIN                                                         LONG TIME USER OF HEROIN

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